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  • Including 12 months warranty.
  • 4D LIPO( BBL) & RF Skin Tightening Training & machine £1495 +Vat   - Contact us now for full information. Have you heard of the Brazilian Butt Lift ? Would you like to offer this procedure and NINE other revenue generating treatments to your portfolio?⁣ Introducing our latest machines that combines BODY & FACIAL tightening, toning , lifting and sculpting - Enhance ME 4D Lipo & Radio frequency (for face & body) Our machine is quality assured, FDA approved & CE certified with 12 months warranty & offers an unrivalled return on investment with a combination of 10 treatments available to sell to your clients! This machine combines combined multiple functionality to give exceptional results for Butt lifting & Face & Body skin tightening. It is the latest machine to hit the market & streamlines the process of Fat Dissolving & Skin Tightening. Would you like to know more ?  Call us now and speak to one of our team who will talk you through the machine & its capabilities.
  • Screen: 12 inch LCD screen Voltage: AC220V,AC110V Input power: 2000W Technology: Kryolipolysie/Vacuum/LED Vacuum: 0kpa-100kpa Vacuum control: 6 EVM air pressure control Cooling: -15-5℃ Dimensions: 42 cm (W) x 130 cm (H) x 60 cm (T) Handpieces: 1pc* 220*76*125mm(A) 1pc*160*56*65mm(B) 125*45*70mm(C) optional 80*27*41mm (D) optional 4 handle sizes available Including 12 months warranty.
  • Add a lucrative revenue stream to your clinic or salon with this highly sought after treatment which commands upwards of £195 per treatment. Fractional micro needling & RF energy combined is the technology that every clinic needs, delivering dramatic changes to the skin on the face & body. Fractional RF micro needling is effective for the treatment of severe and moderate acne scars, improving the skin's firmness and elasticity, boosts collagen, reduces pore size & overall produces dramatic effects of textural irregularities of skin. The procedure involves the application of very thin micro-needles which are inserted into the skin at varying depths, combined with RF energy which is emitted through the needles to gently heat & stimulate the underlying tissues resulting in collagen & elastin production, reduction in lines wrinkles & pores. The surface skin remains protected from the heat energy with no risk of any pigment change or damage.  This combined technology offers exceptional results for non-surgical face and eye lifting, wrinkle reduction, stretch marks treatment, scar removal and skin tightening, The device comes with specific parameters and specifications so is therefore easy to operate. The different types of durable and bio compatible needles with varying depths make the device appropriate for all skin types and concerns. Disposable needle tips makes the procedure safe and secure. The treatment is well tolerated, delivers maximum results with minimal downtime This machine is supplied with full training, one-year warranty & technical support. Get ahead of the competition and stand out as a business with this advanced face & body resurfacing & skin tightening machine.
  • Power: 1200w Radio Frequency power: 400w Infrared power: 5-20w Infrared wavelength: 940NM Size of treatment handle: (Roller Big)40mmx66mm / (Roller Middle)30mmx44mm / (Cavitation)90mmx120mm / Vacuum mode Continuous Vacuum mode: Continuous RF frequency: 2Mhz Life of handle: 500 hrs Vacuum level: 1-8 adjustable Cavitation frequency: 4\ 0khz Cavitation power: 600w Roller Speed: 0-36r / m Voltage:AC220V±10%,10A;50HZ/ AC110V±10%10A,60HZ
  • Model: LB-C4B Screen: 12 inch LCD screen Voltage: AC220V,AC110V Input power: 3000W Output power: 2000W Technology:Kryolipolysie / Vacuum / LED Vacuum: 0kpa-100kpa Vacuum control: 6 EVM air pressure control Cooling: -15-5℃ Dimensions: 42 cm (W) x 130 cm (H) x 60 cm (T) Handpieces: 1pc* 220*76*125mm(A) 2pc*160*56*65mm(B) 1pc* 125*45*70mm(C) 80*27*41mm (D) optional Including 12 months warranty.  
  • Powerful Mesotherapy device for minimally invasive skin rejuvenation using vacuum pressure to deliver skin, hair & body meso cocktails to repair tighten & hydrate skin- no pain & no down time! Easy to control & efficient delivery of product to the skin.
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