4D Cavitation & RF Vacuum Slimming Machine

4D Cavitation & RF Vacuum Slimming Machine

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4D LIPO ( BBL) & RF Skin Tightening

Have you heard of the Brazilian Butt Lift? Would you like to offer this procedure and NINE other revenue generating treatments to your portfolio?⁣

Introducing our latest machines that combines BODY & FACIAL tightening, toning, lifting and sculpting – Enhance ME 4D Lipo & Radio frequency (for face & body).

Our machine is quality assured, FDA approved & CE certified with 12 months warranty & offers an unrivalled return on investment with a combination of 10 treatments available to sell to your clients!

This machine combines multiple functionality to give exceptional results for Butt lifting & Face & Body skin tightening.

It is the latest machine to hit the market & streamlines the process of Fat Dissolving & Skin Tightening.

Would you like to know more?  Call us now and speak to one of our team who will talk you through the machine & its capabilities.

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Areas for treatment :

Brazilian Butt lift – Toning Tightening Lifting Sculpting
4 D Lipo- Reduces Fatty Deposits Permanently
Cellulite Reduction – Smooths Skin Reduces Orange Peel effect
Skin Tightening – Tums Knees Arms & Face
Ab Contouring – Six Pack Contouring
Bingo Wing – Reduction

Face lifting
Cheek Lifting
Eye bag tightening
Jawline sculpting
Eases fatigued muscles

4D Lipo often referred to as non-surgical liposuction – meaning it delivers incredible results in fat reduction, as well as having functionality to radically reduce the look of cellulite, tighten skin, to change the overall shape, contours and appearance of the body on problem areas such as the belly, butt, love handles, bingo wings & inner thighs, without the need for invasive surgery under anaesthetic!

The system uses multiple technologies to deliver exceptional results.

Brings about the creation of thousands of microscopic bubbles of air under the skin that surround the membranes of the fat cells. These bubbles cause high pressure round the cells that eliminate stagnant blood flow, toxins, kick start a sluggish lymphatic and break down fascia (all of which contribute to the look of cellulite and skin dimpling).

Is an aesthetic technique that uses radio frequency energy to heat tissue and stimulate subdermal collagen production to reduce the appearance of lined and loose skin. The technique induces tissue remodelling and production of new collagen and elastin. This functionality is often used after fat reduction to ensure any stretched skin that accommodated the old fatty deposit shrinks back to look tighter and firmer over the area that has been treated.

The Radio Frequency part of the treatment is designed to clean up the content left in the body from the ultrasonic cavitation treatment. this is done by increasing the body temperature which causes capillary dilation enabling a faster, more efficient blood circulation, the vacuum then causes better blood to fat exchange, then the fat enriched blood is circulated

Screen:8.4 inch touch screen
Power: 200W
Technology:Cavitation+Vacuum+ Tripolar rf + Multripolar RF
Cavitation Frequency:40KHZ
Vacuum intensity:0-100kpa
RF Frequency:1Mhz
Radio frequency power:80W


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