SMOOTH Perfect For

  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Tear troughs
  • Russian lips
  • Necklace lines
  • Hyaluron pen
  • Mesotherapy


Easy Operation

Ergonomically designed grip and push rod provides accurate and safe treatment with constant injection forces. Allows the user to perform various injection techniques according to treatment site


30G TW needle for Smooth type


Better Volume Effect and Retention

The Hy-BRID Technology makes the hyaluronic acid highly dense with uniform sized particles

This enables GENIUS to have optimal viscoelasticity and long-lasting volume


Safe to Use on Patients

The manufacturing process is tightly controlled to bring the endotoxin and BDDE (chemical crosslinker) levels below the detection limit. The risk of adverse side effects (allergic reaction, oedema, etc.) are minimized.