Man Max Dermal Filler is the ONLY Dermal Filler on the market  developed for and inspired by the modern day man!

A new concept in masculine facial augmentation designed  soley for male aesthetic treatments. This product offers more longevity for men having treatments for cheeks, jawlines, nose etc.

Easy to sell & highly profitable !

Male skin is around 25% thicker than female skin & thins gradually with age whereas female skin thickness stays relatively constant until the mid 40’s at which point it declines more rapidly.

Men  have higher collagen density however they tend to be less sun savvy with less anti-ageing healthy habits adding years to a man’s skin – hence the the need for more robust dermal filler products

Male skin texture differs from female skin.It is tougher & rougher due to a thicker stratum corneum. This means men are prone to developing deeper static  wrinkles.

In addition regular shaving causes stress to male skin. This is, in reality is a form of constant exfoliation which can comprimise the skin barrier function & lead to accelerated ageing.

Man Max has a special formulation specifically developed to combat the differences between male & female skin types.

  • Cross linked HA concentration 25mg
  • Non-cross linked HA concentration 5mg
  • 1 syringe of 1ml
  • 2 x 27g 13mm sterile needles
  • Includes 1 client card, 2 product labels