Compared with biphasic dermal filler, Singderm®, a monophasic dermal filler, is more solid and durable and can provide better support and lift due to good viscoelasticity. Besides, it is easy to be pushed through a needle. Singderm® consists of modified hyaluronic acid(HA) produced by bacteria and 0.3% lidocaine, formulated to a concentration of 24mg/ml in a physiologic buffer.

Please note – this product does not contain any needles.

Cross-linked agent – DVS

Formulation process – Mono-phasic

Concentration – 24mg/ml

Composition – Hyaluronic acid and 0.3% lidocaine

Specification – 1ml, 10ml

Depth of Injection – Middle or deep of dermis

Duration -More than 12 months