VoliFill 5 Box Bundle

VoliFill 5 Box Bundle

£95.00 + VAT

You can now purchase VoliFill in bundles!

Including Classic, Sub-Q and Deep – you can also mix and match.

Our 5 box bundle saves you £10 (£2 per box).

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You can now purchase VoliFill in bundles!

VoliFill Classic:

  • The perfect filler for detailed lip treatments such as Russian lips
  • Classic is a low viscosity ultra-fine dermal filler, ideal for treating fine lines including crows feet and forehead lines.

VoliFill Sub-Q:

  • Ideal for those Sub-Q areas and deep wrinkles including augmentation of the nose, cheeks, jawline and chin.
  • Sub Q is the thickest and longest lasting in the VoliFill range and the perfect choice for facial augmentation where deep and pronounced structures are created.

VoliFill Deep:

  • Deep is the perfect dermal filler for lip augmentation and areas where a thicker higher viscosity solution is needed.
  • It can also be used in the cheeks, chin, jawline and Nasolabial folds depending on the nature of the wrinkles.

Our 5 box bundle saves you £10 (£2 per box).

Choose from Classic, Sub-Q or Deep (can also mix and match). Once purchased please email your products of choice to [email protected]


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